The Merisik Rite of Honor is a traditional Malaysian bridal custom.

The Merisik Meeting

The first step in the malaysian marriage custom is known as merisik. In order to fully request the woman’s hand in marriage, the man’s relatives visits her home. This enables both families to get to know one another more effectively. A special kind of metal band called” cincin belah rotan,” which is worn to show her commitment to the wedding, will be presented to her home if she accepts the proposal.

The man’s community will wait for several months to see how the bride-to-be reacts once the merisik has been conducted. This is a pretty significant component of the ceremony custom because it demonstrates how the boy’s home values the woman’s choice.

The bridegroom did eventually travel to see his bride-to-be again. He’ll be accompanied by his friends ‘ and family’s drum-pounding procession, the kompang. Additionally, they’ll be bringing bunga manggar, palm blossoms made of ornaments that represent prosperity and health, on bamboo poles.

The groom’s parents likely greet him at her home once he’s arrived. The pelamin, a armchair that is situated at the center of the bersanding festival, will then be helped by them. The couple will sit and enjoy their initial meal together as husband and wife, where they will spend the rest of the moment treated like royalty. The couple will get surrounded by their customers who are eager to accept their riches or pose for photos with them during this day.

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