Choosing a Board Meeting Software

Every organization has its own procedure for board meetings. Some meetings are closed and require all members attend Some meetings are open, but shift to a confidential setting when sensitive subjects are discussed. It is important to select the appropriate software for your board meetings, regardless of the nature of the meeting.

There are a range of board portals to choose from, each with its own tools and features. Some are more user-friendly whereas others are better suited to process management, such as collaboration and management of documents. The best choice for your needs will depend on how it integrates with your current digital tech stack. The board portal you choose should be able integrate with your most frequently used tools for Sales, Marketing, CRM and HR.

A good board management software is also robust and secure, which will ensure that your private discussions remain just that: private. Moreover, it should have built-in features to encourage the best practices, for example, including health and safety issues in the agenda or automatically inviting the approval of minutes from the previous meeting.

Begin to narrow your choices once you’ve established what the “must-have” things you need for the perfect board software. Be on the lookout for companies that provide a no-cost trial or demo to help you determine the right software for your business.

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