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What is the appeal of using C# for web development rather than other languages?

Learning a new web development language requires both time and resources. As a result, it’s crucial to think about which languages provide the quickest routes to mastery. Fortunately, programmers are frequently upfront about some languages being easier to learn than others. The following are among the simplest to understand and are among the best programming […]

Taxi App Development: Top 10 Essential Features & Tech Stack

The customer through the user panel of the taxi booking mobile app can easily register themselves. And you can do the same with the help of our taxi booking app developers. Using state-of-the-art taxi mobile application development technologies and our experience in the field, we help you bring your idea to reality. We offer you […]

Why every product manager should be able to prototype

Content The design engineers guide to prototyping What should I look for when hiring a prototype design company? When to create a native prototype Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Definition and Stages of Prototype development New to UX Design? We’re giving you a free ebook! What is Prototyping in Design? Product Builds An experienced CAD designer […]

Updating global variable from jQuery function JavaScript Web Development & Design Community

Since local variables are only recognized inside their functions, variables with the same name can be used in different functions. $()/jQuery() is a selector function that selects DOM elements. Most of the time you will need to start with $() function. The jQuery library adds a global function named jQuery after jQuery library successfully loaded. […]