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What is Work in Process Inventory and How-to Calculate WIP

Content Work-in-process inventory definition What is Work in Process Inventory and How-to Calculate it (WIP) + Formula Work-In-Process Inventory Work-in-Progress (WIP) Definition With Examples Understanding Works-in-Progress (WIP) Some inventory might have one stage of machining done and other inventory might have all but one stage of machining done. Any materials during the manufacturing process work […]

Tips on How to Track Self-Employed Expenses

Content Home Office Deduction Contractor+ Industries What is an independent contractor expenses spreadsheet? Business licenses and taxes Independent Contractor Expense Spreadsheet Alternatives Learn more about tax deductions for your business Filing taxes as an independent contractor can be a complex process, but it is an important part of your bookkeeping efforts. It is important to […]

Credit Risk Definition, Types, Measurement, and Management

Content Sovereign risk Mutual Fund Fees How to Assess Credit Risk Is there any other context you can provide? Revolving credit accounts A risk-averse investor, for example, may choose to purchase an AAA-rated municipal bond. A risk-taking investor, on the other hand, may purchase a bond with a lower rating in exchange for possibly larger […]

Week 9 Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis CRI460 Financial Management For Creatives

This ratio shows the average number of times accounts receivable (A/R) is turned over — that is, booked and paid — during the financial period. The sooner a company collects receivables from its customers, the sooner the cash is available to take care of the business’s needs. Remember that a ratio is just one number […]